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Privacy Policy
What we do and what we do not do with your data

Your name in only shown to yourself when you log-in as a welcome message.

Name and E-mail are used by the automatic system to send you notifications by e-mail when there are topics that match your search criteria or interests.

All other data are only shown to your when you configure your account. They are used internally by the automatic system to generate statistics, like number of people interested in aquaculture or in organic orchids.

The statistics never show names of people and when data is organized geographically, cases are grouped in numbers larger than one. For example if there is only 1 wind power generator manufacturer in a whole country, this number one is added to the numbers of other groups, for example "State of Oklahoma: 35 - wind power generator manufacturers, farming equipment and organic fuels".

Data collected is never sold, is not given to other parties. It always remains in our database servers and when it is retrieved, it is only done by our software which always produces reports and statistics, but never gives a sigle record making public any private information.

When back-ups are produced, they are also encrypted, so that only the administrator can use them to be restored in cases of maintenance or of creation of mirror sites.

The Eco-Databases is a Non-For-Profit Sustainability World Initiative. The software to process the information is Open Source and can be audited by downloading the modules from our mirror site in SourceForge.net.

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